15 of the Best MAC Makeup Products


MAC is one of those cosmetic brands that I just can’t stay away from. Most of their products are now available at many department stores both in store and online. One of the first types of makeup products that drew me to them when I was a young adult was their foundation because of the variety of formulas and shades. Nowadays that variety is found throughout so many of their different products, such as lipsticks, lip liners, blushes, eye shadows, and the list goes on and on. And, they’ve branched out into so much more. They truly have some amazing amazing colors and different makeup products that are really worth trying. So, without further adew, here 15 of the best MAC makeup products you should try.

15 of the Best MAC Makeup Products

15 of the Best MAC Makeup Products





1.  ‘Pro Longwear’ Concealer

I first saw MAC’s ‘Pro Longwear’ Concealer on YouTube somewhere. The amount of coverage that this lightweight formula provides is really impressive. It is medium-to-full coverage depending on how much you layer on. It has a really comfortable, and natural matte finish and helps conceal dark spots, skin discoloration and under-eye circles. Definitely worth a try if you have blemishes, dark spots, and other skin issues to conceal. I’ve been getting so many more spots during pregnancy, and this helps cover them up really well.


2.  ‘Prep + Prime’ Natural Radiance Base

Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base helps hydrate and prime the skin before applying foundation. It helps to improve the lasting power of foundation, it helps with controlling oily skin, and helps give skin a smoother appearance. It has both vitamins E and C with a little caffeine thrown in to calm your skin. The finish is somewhat illuminating because it has pearl powders that reflect light, hence the name radiance. It is a nice primer that leaves the skin feeling soft, with a bit of a glow.


3.  ‘Prep + Prime’ Lip

I think that lip primers usually tend to be unnoticed, but this one deserves to be mentioned. I usually have issues with matte lipsticks being too drying. I get lots of lines that turn into feathering and color bleeding. Prep + Prime Lip is a color-free lip primer that is meant to be worn under lipstick to help with all those issue. It has good hydration and smooths lips. I’ve been out of this one for a while, and need to pick one up soon!


4.  Powder Blush in Melba

Colors, lots and lots of different colors. That is what I associate MAC cosmetics with. So, I had to include two different blushes on this list. MAC’s powder blush formula provides fantastic color that lasts all day. Melba powder blush from MAC is a matte soft coral-peach.


 5.  ‘The Matte Lip’ Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Lipsticks, MAC has hundreds of lipsticks in what seems like an endless variety of colors and formulas. One of the most popular shades, is Ruby Woo. MAC’s Ruby Woo is a very matte vivid blue-red. The matte texture is rich, with absolutely no shine. The color is a bright and bold go to red.


6.  ‘The Matte Lip’ Lipstick in Chili

Chili is a not so spoken about color that I really like. Just like Ruby Woo, is also has a matte texture. This is more of a brownish orange-red. I think it is a very pretty color for the spring and summer seasons.


7.  ‘The Satin Lip’ Lipstick in Brave

Brave is a very popular color that is a pink-beige shade with a light pearl shine. It comes in MAC’s satin formula, which is a soft satin, semi-matte finish. It adds more moisture than the matte lipsticks, but still has intense color.


8.  ‘The Matte Lip’ Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is one of my favorites, and seems to be along the lines of popularity as Ruby Woo. I first found it on, you guessed it, YouTube. There were lots beauty vloggers that mentioned it. I gave it a whirl and fell in love. This matte shade is a deep-toned beige. The color is a great neutral color for everyday and every season. I think this one has been very popular because it seems to go well with different skin tones. I’d been using this shade for a long time, and even have a post with swatches of this one. Check it out HERE.


9.  Strobe Cream

Strobing is becoming so popular these days. I’m thinking about a dedicated posts just to highlighting and strobing products. People really do love glistening, dewy skin. I specifically love a nice glowing, dewy cheekbone. MAC’s strobe cream really brightens and clarifies the look of skin with a touch of iridescence. This formula is super-powered with potent botanicals to de-stress, moisten, freshen and boost the look of dull or tired-looking skin. It also has vitamins and a mega dose of green tea. So it is good for the skin while enhancing the effects of light on all skin.


 10.  ‘Prep + Prime’ Fix+ Finishing Mist

I put another primer on this list because I’ve used this mostly as a finishing mist instead of a primer. MAC’s Prep & Prime Finishing Mist is a lightweight, mineral-rich formula that refreshes the skin. A light mist after makeup application really helps maintain your look all day.


11.  M·A·C Fluidline in Blacktrack & Dipdown

Lately I’m using eyeliner pens, but I’ve used MAC’s Fluidline in the past. It is a smooth gel formula with soft finish. This is formula requires a brush for application. It is long-wearing, waterproof and smudge-proof. I like having both black and brown eyeliners because you never know how dramatic you want to go. I usually stick with brown because I feel like black is very bold. I think most people tend to feel the opposite, that black is their favorite. So, I’ve listed both the colors.


12.  ‘Mineralize’ Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

More on radiant, glowing finishes with this MAC product. MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish is a luxurious, slow-baked, velvety soft domed face powder. It is unique because is has MAC’s 77-Mineral Complex and vitamin E. It can be used both as a highlighter or all over for a luminous glow. Soft & Gentle is a glided peach bronze.


13.  ‘Pro Longwear’ Paint Pot in Painterly

MAC has their ‘Pro Longwear’ line of products, from lip liners to eyeshadows. Paint Pot is a part of that line and is a highly pigmented, long-wearing eyeshadow. It goes on as a cream dries to an intense, vibrant finish. It blends smoothly over lids and has buildable coverage without looking too heavy. It doesn’t crease, flake, and is said to be water-resistant (I’ve never tried that out). It can be mixed with other eyeshadows and eyeliners. I have two colors on this list, and painterly is a nice nude beige.


14.  ‘Pro Longwear’ Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

The color soft ochre is also a really popular color among YouTube beauty enthusiasts.  This ‘Pro Longwear Paint Pot is a yellow beige. I have to warm you this one is a little weird on some skin tones. It isn’t a favorite for my skin tone, but people seem to love it. So, if painterly doesn’t work for you this might be the one to try.


15.  ‘Pro Longwear’ Blush in I’m a Lover

This blush is a bit different from the one I mentioned above. It is one of MAC’s ‘Pro Longwear’s blushes. It is a silky powder that blends nicely, has build-able color, and is very long lasting. You can go sheer with it, or layer it on for an a dramatic look. I’m a Love is a much-loved, popular pink shade. If you are in the market for a pink blush, you need to try this one.


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